The Urban RockersStyled

I love my rock music; It has always been a big influence in my life but how do I actually mix a wedding theme into an urban/punk rock look into my photos? One of the key challenges for me was to design a colour palette that could show edginess and yet happiness. In this series, I wanted to retain as much details to give that sharpness pop in the photos. I also wanted the colours to have an industrial-like tone but yet there is this mysterious tinged of softness to represent love. With that, I introduced a subtle mix of cyan/pink tones and shifted the white balance to be on the cooler side. It was a little inspiration taken from the Blade Runner and Tron movies I’ve watched. Though a lot of urban and moody photos you see these days in social media were taken in cities at late night ( with rain as well, Ha! ), I wanted to play around such that this colour mix could also work well and vibrant in our bright and sunny country. A lot of conflicting thoughts but here is the final look.


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